• Image of The Art of Mark Making on Cloth, Paper, & Thread Sat March 17th & 18th with Ellie Beck
  • Image of The Art of Mark Making on Cloth, Paper, & Thread Sat March 17th & 18th with Ellie Beck
  • Image of The Art of Mark Making on Cloth, Paper, & Thread Sat March 17th & 18th with Ellie Beck
  • Image of The Art of Mark Making on Cloth, Paper, & Thread Sat March 17th & 18th with Ellie Beck
  • Image of The Art of Mark Making on Cloth, Paper, & Thread Sat March 17th & 18th with Ellie Beck

Nature Play: The Art of Mark Making on cloth, paper & thread

Make a nature art journal with hand printed fabric wrap.

This 2-day workshop guides you along a journey of letting go of the fear of making mistakes, and embracing the inner child’s play. Through discovering the beauty of working with nature to create marks on paper and fabric, you’ll learn how to unlock your creativity in a new way.

An immersive workshop based on botanical & natural dye processes. Working onto both fabric and paper, you’ll create shapes, patterns, ‘eco-prints’ that will become a spark for ongoing work. We’ll work directly with gathered plant materials to create prints onto paper that we’ll then stitch into a book. A hand worked fabric cover will make this a work of art that you’ll want to use and hold everyday.

Moments of poetry, written and spoken word throughout the weekend will help you to slow down into the process of the making, rather than rush ahead towards the final product. These days will show you that making and creating simply for the sake of the doing can give more than a thing to hold in your hands; it can strengthen your creative practice, guide you through challenging moments, help you forge ahead with new ideas and brings moments of clarity of self.

Using the idea of instinctual mark-making and the joy of mistake-making, Ellie will show you botanical dyeing techniques, simple book binding, making your own nature brushes and printing fabric, and lots more. Throughout the weekend you’ll spend time with slow stitch, learn how to make string, as well as fold a furoshiki to become a bespoke book bag.

While this workshop is about process, and the journey of learning your own creativity through mistake-making and letting things evolve, you will in fact go home with:
Your own hand bound art journal made using eco-printing techniques on both paper and fabric,
A linen fabric furoshiki wrap for your book, printed with your own instinctual nature-print
Your own hand made fabric string
Stitched fabric piece
Words, poetry, haikus and moments in prose
A deeper connection with your creative self through overcoming fears of ‘a blank page’ or making mistakes with fabric or paper

And some tangible things you will learn:
Eco-printing on paper & fabric
Botanical dyeing
Simple bookbinding
How to make nature brushes
Instinctual mark-making on fabric & paper
Furoshiki wrapping
String making using fabric
Breaking through fears and challenges of perfection and making mistakes
Tapping into a new way of working creatively

Saturday & Sunday 9.30am – 4pm (ish) both days. All materials supplied, but if you have any plants, flowers, leaves, gathered supplies that you’d like to share please do.
Wear clothes that can get dirty. And please bring an old towel or rag / cloth, just in case.

Morning tea treats are supplied, and we will stop for a lunch break. You are welcome to bring along your own lunch, or get something from a nearby café.

About Ellie:
Ellie Beck is a textile artist and creative maker, working primarily with natural fibres and an instinctual process. She works with natural and botanical dyes, finding inspiration in and from nature. Ellie expresses her creative voice through loom weaving, slow-stitching, crochet, photography & styling, creative writing, basket weaving, cooking and more. She creates pieces that speak of motherhood and self, of her place in the world, in nature, and is interested in mapping landscapes and her journey within space and life.
Ellie is a creative teacher, sharing her knowledge and passions through online classes and in real life gatherings. She loves connecting with other creatives and makers, and sees one of her skills as being able to guide people to open themselves up to their own creative voice. Ellie has taught thousands of students both online and in person, and sees each interaction as a joyful experience.
She lives a slow simple and mindful life in the rainforest in Northern NSW, with her artist / designer husband and three creative children.

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